The Rich Bitch is not your average self-help or financial advice book. This is a guidebook to lead you to the life you crave, and have always dreamed of. Where do you want to live? What amazing things do you want to do in your spare time? What income do you really want (not the income you would just settle for)?… In a step by step process, Caroli Remmlinger will lead you through ideas, thoughts, and techniques on how to become the Rich Bitch you deserve to be.

The Rich Bitch is a guide to Financial Independence in 7 easy steps. Giving a newfound perspective to the negatively denoted term “Bitch”, Caroli Remmlinger has portrayed it in a wonderful and positive sense.

From being Authentic to Creating your own Reality, Caroli has put down such steps which if once integrated into the mind, can turn anyone into the Rich Bitch. We all know that there always exists challenges to such steps, so, Caroli has also covered these “Challenges” that everyone face and given out ways to face the challenges and win. After all, the Rich Bitch would never give up because of some challenges!