I am Caroli, 39. I am the author, speaker, success coach, money mindset expert and business mentor. I live my dream life in Monaco, but it hasn´t always been like this.

My whole life was a path full of painful experiences. Ever since I left my home in Poland 16 years ago to emigrate to Germany and find a better life, I have always struggled with the finances.

No matter how much I earned, I always had a feeling, that it was just enough to pay the bills and maybe a bit left for saving.

In Germany, I have built up my life from zero – laboriously, but it went forward. And even though, I still had a feeling, that my life was a constant struggle.I have dreamed of a luxurious and glamorous life and had (bad enough) a guilty conscience that I had such dreams. Then I met my future husband. Life should be easier now, I thought. We both moved to Switzerland, had well paid jobs and could really afford a lot. But anyway – instead of enjoyment, we were only arguing. In the end we got divorced after 4 years of marriage and thanks to my naivety I lost everything, and my husband left me with huge debts. I was without money, without home, with a bunch of debts that were not even mine. The only thing I had was my job.

I was devastated and thought my life was over and this time I will not be able to stand up and rebuild my life AGAIN.

One day, when I was crying on the floor of my new apartment, which was completely empty, something happened inside me. I’ve got a thought: there must be a deeper meaning to my suffering.

And I found that meaning! Day after day, I was stronger, more confident and mastered one challenge after another. I managed to buy beautiful furniture in the first year after the divorce, I started traveling – first in Switzerland and Germany, then Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore and… I discovered a dream place for myself. I fell in love with the French Riviera.

Today – 5 years after the horror divorce – I live happily in Monaco. I have personally developed myself so much, that my own family does not recognize me. I am strong, confident and have taken full responsibility for my life. I am surrounded with wonderful people and enjoy my life to the fullest. I am grateful for all the painful lessons life has given me – without them I would not have arrived where I am now.

With my knowledge and my own experiences, I now help the others who also finally want to be financially independent. It does not matter if it means becoming self-employed with an online business or reaching the next level with the existing business (online or offline). I take their hands and guide them through the process, step by step.